Organizational Tips For New Working Moms

Being a new mom has challenges all its own. Add heading back to work to the mix, and you could start to feel seriously overwhelmed. With a little prep and planning, you can stay on top of all your tasks — from family life to your career — without blinking an eye.

Working mom on phone while carrying baby

Don't let new mom fog bring you down

You likely experienced "pregnancy brain" while you were carrying your little bundle, right? Well, thanks to lack of sleep (okay, utter exhaustion), "new mom fog" could make you a teensy bit forgetful, scatterbrained or just flat out crazy. We're exaggerating — a little! But you can't tell your boss that new mom fog is the reason you flaked on that big project. Avoid this by making lists — on a simple lined piece of paper, on your smartphone or on a big white board posted in your laundry room. Keep the list where you are most likely to keep track of it. Then refer to it, add to it and cross things off of it often.

Pack a bag the night before work

Prep your baby's diaper bag for daycare the night before so you don't have to scramble around in the morning when you're short on time. Pack the essentials like diapers, wipes, extra changes of clothes, blankies and pacis, and then leave a note on top of the bag or by your car keys to remind yourself to load up baby's bottles in the morning. If you brown bag it to work, pack your lunch the night before, too. It's also a good idea to plan out your outfit for the following work day so you don't waste time staring into your closet in a "what am I going to wear?" daze.

Do errands on your lunch hour

We're not suggesting you skip lunch — new moms need their nutrition! But an occasional lunch-on-the-go is worth it so you can get some errands done without baby in tow, which is so much easier. Grab your dry cleaning, return library books or even pamper yourself with a mid-day manicure during your lunch hour so you can devote more one-on-one time to baby after the work day is done.

Plan meals in advance

Use a slow Sunday afternoon to go to the grocery store, then wash, prep and cut fruit and veggies for take-along snacks or lunches. Take advantage of casserole or crock pot recipes that you can prepare in advance so dinner is practically done when you arrive home. Put baby in his swing or pack-n-play while you tackle final prep like setting the table or making a salad.

Shut down

Avoid the temptation to check your work email after you've headed out of the office for the day. Turn the phone off and enjoy simply playing with or reading to baby. Once he's asleep, watch a movie with your partner or take a soothing bath — and then go to bed so you can get some rest before baby wakes for a midnight feeding!

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