Mom Credits Increased Protein For Success

An English mom-to-be, who had been a lifetime vegetarian, turned to meat during her triplet pregnancy -- in a big way.


Laura Dixon had struggled with infertility for 10 years and finally resorted to IVF -- a costly method of conception that is not guaranteed to work. Happily, her last round was successful, but she and her husband were shocked to find out she was carrying three babies. Cravings and her doctor’s recommendation led her to eating meat after a lifetime of vegetarianism, and her babies were born healthy.

Iron, vitamin B12 and protein


Laura had suffered a miscarriage prior to her successful IVF, so coupled with the news that she had triplets on board, her doctors told her she had a high risk of miscarriage or premature birth. "When the sonographer found a third heartbeat I remember shouting, ‘Oh no’ and crying,” she said. “After losing one baby to a miscarriage, I thought I would never be able to carry three.”

She had never eaten meat, but she soon began craving it. She thought that the increased iron, vitamin B12 and protein would help her pregnancy, so she dove in headfirst, eating three servings of meat per day. She reported that she craved it so bad she’d send her husband to fast food restaurants in the middle of the night for a meaty fix.

Vegetarianism and pregnancy

It is possible to be a vegetarian or vegan during a pregnancy. Some vegetarian moms consult with a nutritionist to make sure they’re getting all the protein, iron and other vitamins they need. Legumes, such as beans, seeds and nuts, are a popular choice, as are grains, such as quinoa. Most health care providers monitor the mom-to-be and her hemoglobin, and supplementation can be ordered if she’s running a bit low.

Laura had two identical boys, Max and Mason, and a daughter, Mia. They were born healthy at 35 weeks and she has returned to vegetarianism, but doesn’t regret chowing down on meat -- she said that it may be what helped her carry her babies as long as she did.

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