Gifts For The New Dad

Push presents are completely common place after a woman gives birth to her baby. But what about the new dad? Surely, he deserves a little something special upon the arrival of his baby, too, right?

Man bottle feeding infant

Daddy-and-me matching t-shirts

There is nothing cuter than your main man and your new little one wearing matching ensembles. You can order a t-shirt for your husband and a coordinating onesie for baby with a cute phrase or custom design of your own on sites like Etsy .

Desk frame

Give your husband a frame complete with a picture of you during your pregnancy. Once you have baby's first photos taken, switch out that photo for one of you and baby or the three of you together.

Daddy's day out certificate

As a way of thanking him for all his support, give your significant other a special coupon for a "day off." Surprise him with tickets to a sports game or a certificate at a golf course. Better yet, give him a coupon for a future date night out with you -- sans your new little one so you two can celebrate your new arrival, adult style!

Box of cigars

If your husband enjoys a nice stogie now and then, get him a box of his favorites so he can pass out a few to his friends. If he's not into real cigars, have some custom chocolate or bubble gum ones made up with labels complete with baby's name and date of birth or a cute phrase such as "World's Best Labor Coach."

Manly diaper bag

It's unlikely that your man will want to tote around your posh diaper bag. Get him one that suits his own style so he'll be proud to shoulder the load. Diaperdude carries a variety of sporty, rustic and hipster diaper bags for dads.

A sentimental card

Beyond the material aspect of a push present for dad, thank him for being by your side during the pregnancy, labor and delivery with a sweet card and hand-written message. That's the best present you could possibly give him -- besides your new baby, of course!

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