Study Found Increased Natural Conception

A recent Australian study found that moms who had a baby through IVF were more likely to conceive a second baby naturally.

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Infertility is no joke. It affects more couples than you realize and some have to turn to assisted reproductive technologies, such as in-vitro fertilization (IVF), which is very expensive, painful, stressful and not guaranteed to succeed. However, there may be good news for those who have had a baby through IVF -- a recent Australian study found that successful IVF patients were more likely to naturally conceive their next child.

IVF, then natural conception

This research, which studied 236 Australian women who had a baby via IVF, uncovered that around a third conceived naturally within two years of their first birth. The study also found that women whose infertility was unexplained had a higher chance of natural conception the next time -- in fact, they were twice as likely to naturally conceive than their peers who had a specific fertility diagnosis.

The researchers couldn’t pinpoint a specific reason, but speculated that it could be due to an undiagnosed gynecological disease. Endometriosis is a fairly common condition that impacts fertility and often goes undiagnosed -- many women have severe pain that brings them to their physician, but some cases have little to no symptoms. Pregnancy can actually improve endometriosis, making a second conception easier for moms who have gone the IVF route.

Other factors

The study revealed that age did not seem to be a significant factor in their findings, with natural pregnancies occurring in 19 women aged 37 and older, 21 women aged 31 to 36 and six women who were under 30. However, women who had been in relationships for a shorter amount of time than their peers seemed to have more success the second time around.

Even though the study was a small one, perhaps the results will give IVF moms new hope that they can conceive naturally the second time around.

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