Get Some Shut-Eye!

Your belly is the size of a watermelon, you have to pee every 20 minutes and you may be experiencing heartburn, lower back pain or any number of pregnancy discomforts. No wonder you can't sleep. Never fear, these sleep tips will help you get some rest.

Pregnant woman sleeping

Sleep on your left side

According to the American Pregnancy Association, SOS (sleeping on side) is the best position to sleep in during pregnancy to increase the amount of blood flow and nutrients that reach the placenta and baby. If you are used to sleeping on your back or on your stomach, practice sleeping on your side early on in your pregnancy so you can adjust to the new position before sleeping becomes more difficult later in the pregnancy.

Hydrate... but not before bed

It's no secret that pregnant women make frequent trips to the potty. But don't cut back on your water intake to avoid multiple trips to the restroom. It's important for a pregnant woman to stay well-hydrated. However, we suggest doing most of your hydrating in the morning and afternoon, then cutting back in the evening to avoid waking in the night for a bathroom trip.

Give heartburn the heave-ho

Many women can't sleep due to painful heartburn during pregnancy. According to the Sleep Foundation, prevent heartburn in the first place by avoiding spicy, acidic and fried foods. The organization also advises elevating your head with an extra pillow at night to reduce heartburn. The site also suggests using a body pillow or extra pillows to make yourself more comfortable in bed.

Practice relaxation

Before bed, get yourself into a calm mode by taking a warm bath, reading a good book or doing some deep breathing or mediating techniques.

Nap time

If you lose sleep at night, try to make up for it during the day with a little nap. Make sure your nap time is not scheduled too close to bedtime, however, so you don't end up lying in bed wide awake at night.


If you continue to experience insomnia during pregnancy due to anxiety or discomfort, speak to your doctor about your specific issue so he can help you determine a treatment program for you.

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