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Stop all the gawking!

Breastfeeding has been a fact of life since the dawn of our species. Not only is it more nutritious for the baby, but it's the means for infant survival in many cultures.

As this is a fact for most of humanity, why are breastfeeding mothers still harassed after thousands of years of recorded history?

Contributed by Rachel Thomas

Out of all of the problems we have in the world, feeding a baby is hardly a cause for complaint.


The world we live in is a sheltered one in some aspects. Breastfeeding is the method of choice for many mothers. In fact, some babies are allergic to alternatives and don't have a choice but to sustain themselves from the natural occurrence of breast milk. If it bothers an individual so much to watch the process of life, then they shouldn't watch. It's just as easy to look the other way or pay more attention to what you were doing in the first place.


Mothers should never feel ashamed or embarrassed when it comes to the process of feeding their babies. Feediing is the reason why the female body produces breast milk in the first place. It is a fact of biology that is unavoidable. Those who have a problem with observing this natural form of sustenance should take a closer look at themselves as to why it's a problem. You wouldn't tell a starving child that they couldn't eat because it might offend someone.

Social acceptance

While some business venues have gone the extra mile to dedicate a comfortable area for breastfeeding mothers to do so in private, the action still persists the notion that it's a private matter that shouldn't be in public. Why is it socially acceptable for someone to walk around the grocery store eating free samples, but an infant is told to eat in the restroom?

Misconstrued sexuality

Obviously, women's breasts have been sexualized over the centuries and some may not want to correlate the manner of feeding a child to a point of arousal. Are we the fault of our own misgivings about breastfeeding in public because of this misconception? Many people are sexually attracted to legs, but not as many women are told to cover them up. In fact, skirts are promoted in the workplace by designers and advertisements.

Humanity needs to get a grip on itself when it comes to the facts of life. We call ourselves civilized people, but yet we'll call the police and accuse someone of being a terrorist because they like the color black and were breastfeeding a baby. Is nature to blame for providing us with the methods to sustain an infant, or is humanity to blame for making this an offense to those who wish to gawk?

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