Keep An Eye On Your Baby

This clever baby monitor from Samsung is unlike any you’ve seen before, and makes it easy to keep an eye on your baby from wherever you are.

Newborn baby boy

Forget being tied down to your baby monitor’s parent unit, which needs to stay “in range” for it to work. If you’re keen to keep an eye on your baby, then check out the Samsung SmartCam WiFi Video Baby Monitor. This nifty little device makes it extremely easy to dial up a video and audio monitoring feed using your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC -- no matter where you are. As long as you have internet access, you can check out what your child is up to.

Samsung video baby monitorFeatures

  • Easy setup: The SmartCam Wifi Video Baby Monitor features one push setup, which parents can complete in as little as 30 seconds
  • Baby talk: Easily talk to your little one using the built-in microphone and speaker
  • Night vision: Check out the built-in IR LED lamps for night vision to peek in on your slumbering baby
  • All access: You can monitor your baby on PC, MAC, and smartphones
  • Notify: Enable audio and motion detection and notification so you don’t miss a thing
  • Share: Fun, free and easy recording on YouTube

Our take

This cool gadget is just the bee’s knees. I love how you don’t even need a parent unit to tote around -- just access the feed on your smartphone and you’re good to go. And the YouTube feature is really handy. Grandma and Grandpa enjoyed the videos I sent to them -- even though they get to see my kids often, it’s still lovely to be able to send video clips to friends and family members who aren’t nearby. It’s also nice to have video recordings, period -- I don’t always have time to videotape my kids. The video isn’t as nice and smooth as the ones I record on my digital camera but it’s easier to do.

The setup was easy and the features were easy to understand. The night vision wasn’t quite as clear as I’d like, but for daytime use (or for a nanny cam) it works well.

The bottom line

From someone who has only used simple audio baby monitors, I thought this camera was innovative and would make a really lovely baby shower gift.

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