Trouble Conceiving? There's An App For That...

If you're having trouble getting pregnant, a new fertility-tracking app called Glow could be the answer to conception.

Glow fertility-tracking app

What is Glow?

Though entrepreneur (and co-founder of PayPal) Max Levchin has two children of his own, he noticed that infertility was a common theme among many of his friends and he wanted to do something to help them. He also wanted a "big data" problem to solve.

Enter the pregnancy app, Glow, which is currently pending approval in the Apple App Store. With this fertility tracker you can enter a variety of vital signs like your menstrual cycle, morning temperature, date of the last time you had sex, the results of ovulation test or pregnancy tests, weight, stress level and cervical mucus consistency, which can in large part predict ovulation cycles.

Algorithms are built into the app to help predict your most fertile times based on the data you've entered. Levchin is anticipating the app will increase in accuracy as data is collected from thousands of users over time.

Add to the pool

In addition to its fertility-tracking features, Glow offers a sort of insurance substitute, though it can't be called that, for its users. Fertility treatments can be extremely costly and most insurance companies won't cover the treatments as they are considered to be "elective."

To help couples finance their fertility treatments if the tracker does not work for them, Glow offers an optional "mutual assurance" program where users can choose to contribute $50 a month to a pool for up to 10 months while trying to conceive. Those who become pregnant successfully do not get their money back and the pool is split among couples that need financial assistance to pay for fertility treatments.

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