One In 70 Million Quadruplet Pregnancy

An Ohio couple are now the parents of four boys following a very rare pregnancy. She was pregnant with quadruplets -- two sets of identical twins, a pregnancy so rare it only has a one in 70 million chance of happening.

Sweet newborn baby

Kenneth, Colton, Bentley and Griffin. Quadruplet pregnancies aren’t all that common to begin with, but these four boys have made their mom and dad parents in an unusual way -- Kenneth and Colton are identical twins, and Bentley and Griffin are identical twins as well. They were born in April and are doing well, but the chances of such a pregnancy are astronomically low -- one in 70 million.

Two sets of identical twins

Lindsay Lowrie found out she was expecting last November, and when she went to her first sonogram, she was shocked to find out that there was more than one baby in her womb, and the next day, another sonogram revealed quadruplets. She was not using fertility medication (often responsible for multiple births). The last six weeks of her pregnancy were spent on strict bed rest at the hospital.

The quads were delivered on April 18th via c-section when Lindsay was only 28 weeks pregnant. The mom reported that they were all delivered in two minutes. Identical twins Kenneth and Colton were delivered first, followed by twins Bentley and Griffin.


Quadruplets are of course quite rare (and quintuplets are even more so) but it’s not common at all for there to be more than one set of identical twins in utero at once. This means that Lindsay ovulated two eggs at the same time which were fertilized, and early on in development, they both split, forming two sets of identical twins. The chances, as mentioned above, are about one in 70 million for this to happen.

The babies are still in the hospital but are making progress. Bentley and Colton need to do more catching up to their brothers but they have hopes that progress will be made and they’ll be able to come home.

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