Nausea Remedies Worth Trying

Any pregnant woman will tell you that there are few things she wouldn't try to get rid of the dreaded nausea that often accompanies the first trimester of pregnancy... especially when it doesn't end in the a.m. as its name suggests. Would you try one of these weird remedies?

Pregnant woman with morning sicknessEssential oils

Many a nauseous pregnant woman has felt the need to vomit based on an undesirable whiff of... something. If pregnancy has your nose working overtime, equip yourself with a small bottle of an essential oil such as lavender that you can sniff if you catch a whiff of something that sends your need to hurl into overdrive.


You've no doubt heard pregnant women swear by Saltine crackers, salt and vinegar chips and good old French fries to stave off morning sickness. And these things all have one major thing in common -- salt. Because pregnant women produce more saliva, they often feel like they need to throw up. The salt can dry up that excess saliva and, in theory, squelch the I-think-I'm-going-to-yak feeling.


Sometimes just getting your mind off of your pregnancy and its current effect on your wellbeing can help ease your discomfort. Go outside for a walk, call a good friend to talk about anything but your pregnancy or go see a movie -- but don't sit too close to the screen!

Go suck a... lemon

Lemon could soothe your troubled tummy. Slice it into a mug of hot tea or glass of ice water.

Get some rest

When all else fails, try to lie down and sleep off the morning sickness. Even if you can't sleep, lie still in a cool, dark room for a little while with your eyes closed. Try to clear your mind of focusing on the nausea. Instead, think of all the exciting parts of pregnancy -- like finding out the baby's gender, feeling baby move for the first time and picking our nursery room furniture.

See your doctor

If your morning sickness is so debilitating that you can't travel more than 10 feet from your toilet, talk to your doctor about any possible medications that can help soothe your symptoms without causing risk to baby.

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