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Good Health

A 23-year-old Czech Republic woman delivered her country's first set of quintuplets, and all are happily reported to be doing well and in fine health.

Baby holding parent's hand

One, two, three, four, five -- can you imagine five babies at once? Alexandra Kinova is living it. The young mother, from the Czech Republic, had a c-section at 31 weeks gestation, and she and all five of her newborn babies are in intensive care but are reportedly doing well.

Country’s first quints

The babies, four boys reportedly named Deniel, Michael, Alex and Martin, and a girl named Terezka, have an excellent chance of growing up healthy -- a 95 percent chance, said chief neonatal doctor Zbynek Stranak.

The pregnancy was one that defied the odds. Alexandra, who already has one son, conceived the quints naturally -- no fertility drugs, no in-vitro fertilization. She was originally told that she was pregnant with twins, but doctors soon upped that number to four in March, and in April, they decided that there were five babies in utero.

Alexandra said that she breastfed her first child for a year and a half and wants to nurse her quints too.

Chances of having a multiple pregnancy

The chances of having twins are pretty low -- most moms have around a 1 percent chance of conceiving twins. Triplets are even more rare, with a 0.013 percent chance. Quadruplets? Your chances of naturally conceiving four babies at once is around 0.0078 percent, and quintuplets are even more out of reach, with a 0.00092 percent chance.

The Czech quintuplets will be giving their mom and dad plenty of work over the next couple of decades, with feeding and bathing and rocking and laundry and everything else that goes along with taking care of a baby -- only multiply that by five. They likely have friends and family on standby for when they get home, but you have to wonder -- when will they be able to sleep?

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