From Sleep To Coping To Feeling Connected

The first few weeks of your baby’s life can be the most challenging that you’ve ever experienced. We asked moms what their biggest challenges were after they brought their babies home from the hospital.

Crying newborn baby

Sleep is scant and hormones are running rampant in the first few weeks after your baby’s birth. These moms (some fresh from delivery!) told us what their biggest challenges were during those hazy -- yet precious -- newborn days.

Jessica, mom of two: “I am terrified for when DH goes back to work. He has been such a huge help with our 3-year-old that I don't know how I will balance it all. I miss my big boy so much since I have been cooped up with baby for a week. Nursing has been easier this time around, but the sleep makes everything tough. Getting three or four hours a night then having to entertain a preschooler and have a new baby is not an easy feat.”

Heather, mom of two: “Sleeping when the baby sleeps! It's a nice theory, but I always tend to do the other ten thousand things that need to get done during those quiet hours."

Ashley, mom of two: “Lack of sleep. Both kids had bad colic. When Jaiden was born it was a struggle making sure she was also taken care of. It got easier after a few months.”

Niki, mom of one: “For me it was keeping Lucas wrapped in the bilirubin blanket. He developed jaundice the last day we were at the hospital but it wasn't high enough to treat him there. He had to be wrapped up all day and all night. It totally sucked trying to keep him in the light blanket while nursing because the cord was only so long and I couldn't do anything except sit and hold him and nurse him. Plus we had to take him in for blood work everyday to check his levels. That on top of a poorly-done c-section was not fun to deal with at all.”

Ashley, mom of three: “The biggest challenge with Aeriel was that she cried non-stop for the first two months of her life. She had a displaced vertebrae that she had to see a massage therapist for and then she was diagnosed with acid reflux that she had to take Prevacid for for a few months.”

Haley, mom of one: “Accepting that everything else could wait was the hardest for me. I had some kind of unrealistic image in my head that every other mother was super mom and I, for some reason, wasn't cutting it if I didn't have an immaculate house, a hot meal every night, and laundry always clean, folded and put away. I didn't know any other new mothers, so I never really got an accurate firsthand look at what was normal, and beat myself up for quite some time.”

Carrie, mom of three: “Sorting out the rollercoster of emotions. Love, guilt, frustration, exhaustion, happiness, anxiety, crying because you're tired, crying because you're happy, crying because you're overwhelmed, crying because you feel so much love.”

Kathy, mom of two: “In-laws who didn't respect me as the parent of my baby and a husband who felt caught in the middle.”

Don’t despair, though! Clouds do have a silver lining. Come back tomorrow to find out the most wonderful parts of having a newborn baby.

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