When A Grownup Does Toddler Talk

A YouTube video made its debut just a few days ago, but it’s already going viral -- why? Because a dad took actual conversations with his two-year-old daughter and acted them out, but with a grown man doing her part.

Toddler talk

You’ve never heard a two-year-old talk like this. A new YouTube video shows just what happens when a grownup suddenly plays the part of a two-year-old -- and it’s funnier beyond belief.


If you’re the parent of a new talker, you might notice that one of your child’s favorite words is, “NO!” Toddlers are learning more and more every day, and while they are learning kindness and compassion from their parents and siblings, they are also quite bossy, self-serving and it’s all about them. It always has been, really, but now that they can vocalize it, watch out!

An instant hit

A dad has decided to write down actual conversations with his own two-year-old tyrant and acted them out for YouTube -- the catch is, her lines are performed by a grown man. It’s so amusing to hear the innocent (yet authoritative) words of a munchkin come out of the mouth of an adult man needing a shave.

“You can’t talk to her right now because I’m talking to her right now,” the man says when Dad asks Mom a question, and if you didn’t know the premise of the video, you might be expecting a scary or frightening home-intruder storyline to follow. He then says that it’s not his wife, she is a princess, and then sends Dad off into a corner and proclaims how much fun they are having now.

The video ends with a totally adorable shot of the tot next to mom, and as the video is titled, “Episode I,” fans are already hoping for more. The channel already has over 13,000 subscribers, so hopes are definitely high that the laughs will continue.

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