Crying Babies Or Smelly Adults?

Airline travelers may look crossly at you when you travel with a young baby or toddler, but a survey says that most would prefer a crying baby over a stinky seatmate.

Crying baby girl

Good news parents -- even if you’re worried about your baby or toddler fussing or all-out screaming on an airplane, a recent survey showed that more travelers would rather sit by a crying baby than by an unpleasantly fragrant adult.

Survey says

Most of us won’t have an opportunity to choose who we sit by, but when 2000 adult travelers were surveyed by Harris Interactive which sort of traveler they'd rather be close to , 63 percent said they’d pick a sobbing baby over a stinky adult.

Crying baby in the air

When people board a flight, they often look around to see if they will be seated next to (or nearby) a baby or toddler. Little ones are known for their in-flight distress which is often due to many factors. A common reason for crying babies on a plane is the fact that they often experience unbearable ear pain from pressure changes in the cabin as the plane takes off and land. Other babies just aren’t fans of confinement and for the walking baby or young toddler it can be a little bit of a nightmare trying to keep them entertained during your flight.

There are several tips that seasoned mom travelers share to help cut down on the crying, wailing or wild toddler antics during air travel:

  • Nurse, feed a bottle or offer your baby a pacifier during takeoff and landing to help her ears adjust to the pressure changes.
  • Try to time the flight during your child’s naptime or bedtime.
  • Have a small bag of items just for her entertainment, and switch them out often.
  • For older children, bring a few favorite snacks.
  • Utilize your phone or a tablet and play videos for your little one.
  • Prepare plenty of liquids for your baby -- air travel can be dehydrating.

What tips do you have for minimizing your baby’s discomfort during air travel?

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