Altercation, Spilled Coffee And Police Follow

Moms, would you ever change your baby’s diaper on a table in a restaurant? Ruth Burgos did, and what happened next makes for an entertaining story -- at least if you weren’t one of the involved parties.

Changing baby's diaper

Ruth Burgos went into the bathroom at a Denver-area Starbucks to change the diaper of her 1-year-old son, but was unhappy to discover that they had no changing table. Instead of any number of alternatives, she changed her baby’s diaper on top of a table.

Diaper change on a table?

Starbucks coffee

Ruth did a diaper change as quickly as she could but was surprised when an employee threw a rag at her and told her to clean up after herself. Her husband became enraged at the employee’s demeaning tone and the subsequent banter amongst the other employees, so he turned his newly-purchased coffee upside down and spilled it all over the floor and told them to clean it up.

Words and “hand gestures” were exchanged and the police were ultimately called, although no arrests were made. Starbucks has issued an apology to the family for the disparaging treatment on the part of the employee, but the actions of dear old Dad weren’t very mature either.

The question still stands -- is changing a baby’s diaper on a restaurant table ever appropriate?

Changing table alternatives

A restaurant table should be an absolute last resort in my opinion. Take your child back out to the car and do a change there. It would be inconvenient, but it’s a much better scenario. In a pinch lay your child down on your jacket or a changing pad on the floor of the restroom. I have, on a very rare occasion, laid my child down on a booth bench beside me (or even in my lap) and quickly changed the diaper, but that was when it was a peed-upon diaper and I knew I could do it rapidly.

Poop diapers, however, should always be taken care of out of sight of the general public. Poop is stinky and unsightly, and it’s unsanitary to expose other patrons to poop.

TEll us!

Would you ever change your child's diaper on top of a table at a restaurant? What's the strangest place you've ever changed a diaper?

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