Give Yourself A Break!

One of the not-so-welcome gifts that comes along with new motherhood is mom guilt! You know what it is -- that nagging feeling that you're doing something wrong when you actually are away from your child. Squash mom guilt for good!

Mom holding baby

Make every moment count

Whether you are a full-time stay-at-home mom, a working mom or something in between, make each moment with your baby count. Besides the essentials of a full belly and a clean diaper, all your baby really needs at this stage in life is to feel loved and protected. Snuggle with your baby, sing or read to her and play simple face-to-face games like peek-a-boo or pat-a-cake. Putting in quality time with your baby will give you peace of mind when you do have to leave for work or an outing without baby.

Give yourself a well-deserved break

Don't let too much time get away from you before giving yourself a mini break from motherhood. We're not even talking about a day at the spa (though you deserve that, too, Mom!). More realistically, however, we suggest you give yourself a little time each and every day when you can simply do what you want to do.

Whether you soak in the bath, read a few chapters of a new novel you've been dying to delve into or simply put your feet up and take a 20-minute rest, it is essential that you make time for yourself. Many new moms go too long without giving themselves a break -- and that can really wear you down!

Recognize all you do

Instead of focusing on the time you're spending away from baby (whether you have to work or are simply catching up with a close friend), focus on all you do for your family. If you have to work full-time, give yourself props for providing financial security for your children. If you are going shopping, remind yourself that every mom needs a little time to herself, which in turn makes her a better mother!

It's also important to remind yourself that baby isn't watching the clock while you are gone. You are likely putting this mom guilt on yourself, and you have the power to eliminate it from your life. Now, are you ready to ditch mom guilt for good?

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