This Too Shall Pass

Becoming pregnant is a big adjustment for many women and it's okay to feel a little confused or anxious during this period. So perk up... it's all temporary!

Pregnant woman holding stomach

Your clothes don't fit

Gaining weight is a difficult situation for nearly every woman we know, even if it is baby weight. Instead of tugging at too-tight clothing all day, tuck away your "skinny clothes" for a few months (or maybe the next year) and buy a few loose-fitting but not baggy dresses. Cotton or jersey knit ones are airy and breezy -- perfect for a summer pregnancy! Exhale for goodness sake. It's better to be comfortable during this time than suffer through while you rock your skinny jeans.

You miss wine. And caffeine. And...

We're not going to lie. There are a few things you'll have to give up (or at least pare down) during pregnancy. However, the end result (your precious baby) will make this period of sacrifice a distant memory once he arrives. In the meantime,  ask your doctor if you really have to abstain entirely from your favorite indulges or if you can have a sip or two every now and then.

If you prefer to give up your vices during pregnancy, try non-alcoholic wine or beer (or even a fun virgin drink like a Shirley Temple) or decaf coffee or tea -- with your doctor's thumbs up, of course.

You're -- gag -- nauseous

Here's the bad news -- nausea (aka morning sickness) is a fairly common symptom of pregnancy. The good news is that most women find that morning sickness fades or entirely disappears after the first trimester. Hang in there!

You're -- yawn -- sleepy, too

Your body is oh-so-busy making a baby and that often results in pregnant women feeling tired. Go to bed an hour earlier at night or try to catch a cat nap during the day, even if you simply put your feet up and close your eyes for half an hour. If you are losing sleep during the night due to discomfort, try a body pillow or speak to your doctor about why this could be happening.

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