Tips And Tools For Teething

When baby is teething, every new mom is after the best tools and tricks to help ease her little one's pain. We've got some tried and true tips along with some new ideas for you to try.

Smiling baby chewing on his finger

Frozen cloth

Wet a soft wash cloth or burb cloth, wring it out, fold it up and place it in the freezer... not until it is totally rock solid, but until it forms up a little. Give it to baby to chew on -- the cold will feel good on his gums and may even provide a slight numbing of the pain. You can also try freezing one of his favorite pacifiers.

Chewable fashion

When babies are teething, they seem to be chewing on everything and anything in sight! If you don't want baby to gnaw on your beaded necklace for fear that it'll break and he'll choke on a bead or that he'll ingest toxic materials by accident, consider a necklace that you wear but is designed for baby to nibble. ChewBeads makes stylish necklaces for moms that are safe for baby to gnaw on -- win-win!

Frozen banana

Freeze some peeled banana chunks until solid or mostly solid. Then put a few cold chunks into a small mesh teether/feeder, secure it inside and hand it to baby for a cool snack that will sooth his sore gums.

Teething gel/pain reliever

Check with your doctor before using any medication for baby. However, he may recommend a soothing teething gel like Baby Orajel Naturals (, $6). While you've got your doctor, you may want to ask him about the best and safest pain reliever you can offer to baby, too, when the going gets really tough!


Soothe baby the old fashion way with some extra cuddles, hugs, songs and a gentle massage. Though these methods may not directly easy baby's gum and mouth pain, the tactics may help soothe him into a slumber -- and since he's teething, his sleep has likely been disrupted. So this nap will be welcome for both you and baby.

Amber teething necklaces

We've heard a lot about the healing properties of amber teething necklaces -- but we're not sold on this method yet. The necklace is designed for baby to wear (which makes me nervous right off the bat) but not chew on. I'm thinking if baby has a beaded necklace at his disposal, he's likely to want to chew on it. So do your research and talk to your doctor before giving this type of teething method a try.

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