Star Sported A Goatee

Are you a little fuzzier around the chin during your pregnancy? You are not alone -- in fact, even Drew Barrymore claims that she had a goatee during her pregnancy with her daughter Olive.

Drew Barrymore's pregnancy

Extra hair is pretty common during pregnancy, but you may be a little discouraged to see some pop up on your upper lip, chin or cheeks. The good news is that you are in very fine company if you’re a little furrier than usual -- or if you get random dark patches on your facial skin, too. Movie star Drew Barrymore “enjoyed” both of these effects of pregnancy and she isn’t shy about talking about it, either!

“I had a wonderful little goatee”

Drew is as pretty as can be but she wasn’t immune to a few side effects that can happen during pregnancy. She told In Touch that she sported a goatee during her gestation -- and it was reddish in color. She also fessed up that she had hyperpigmentation on her face, which likely means she experienced the so-called “mask of pregnancy," which is also known as chloasma.

Drew said that they treated both issues with microdermabrasion and makeup concealer -- even the furry face.

For the rest of us

Have you experienced extra facial hair or dark patches on your skin during pregnancy? I have experienced neither, so I checked out what is commonly done in these cases.

For chloasma, the effects, while they may be disturbing to you, are a result of hormones and will disappear after your baby’s birth. Drew may have been on the right path with using makeup to conceal the spots and microdermabrasion to treat them. Laser therapy may be useful to some women too. Some studies suggest that folic acid deficiency may be a contributing factor as well, so make sure that you’re getting enough, either through your diet or your prenatal vitamin.

For excess facial hair, I’m not sure covering it up with makeup with be all that effective. Tweezing is an option, as is regular waxing, or even shaving, although I’m not totally convinced that pregnant women want stubble growing back on their upper lips or chins. You’d want to avoid depilatories or bleaching kits, as the chemicals can be absorbed by the skin and may have a negative effect on your developing baby. The good news here is that this, too, is a temporary condition also caused by hormones and you should return to normal after your baby is born.

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