Satisfy Your Pregnancy Cravings Guilt-Free

Pregnancy is no excuse to go hog wild on your diet. It's important to maintain a healthy eating plan for yourself as well as your baby. But that doesn't mean you can't treat yourself to yummy -- and healthy -- snacks! Eat up!

Hummus with pita chips

Salty and crunchy

If you are craving something salty and crunchy, fight the urge to reach for a bag of chips. Instead, try raw carrots or baked whole grain pitas with hummus dip (add some jalepenos or roasted red peppers for a new flavor profile).

This sounds so cliche, but pickles are a great option for quenching a salty and crunching craving. We don't suggest pairing them with ice cream, however!

Go nuts with some healthy nuts and seeds like almonds, walnuts and pumpkin and sunflower seeds. For a sweet splurge, make your own trail mix by adding a few dark chocolate chips, raisins or dried cranberries to those nuts and seeds.

Apple slices are good for a crunch. Add peanut or almond butter and you've got your salt. Done and done!

Smooth and creamy

Pregnant or not, it's tough to fend off a craving for ice cream! But we invite you to explore some healthier options like frozen Greek yogurt or flavored Greek yogurt (like honey or vanilla) topped with fresh berries and chopped nuts.

Or check out one of those trendy frozen yogurt shops that offer all kinds of all-natural yummy flavors that are fat-free or low-fat, gluten-free, sugar-free and sometimes even dairy-free. (Each flavor is different but you're sure to find one that suits all your specific dietary needs.)

Try a unique smoothie combination like peanut butter and banana made with almond milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Don't deprive yourself... totally

We're all human. And sometimes -- whether you are pregnant or not -- you simply have to have the large fries or the triple cheesecake. We get it. So go for it... every once in awhile! But after your splurge, return to your healthy routine. Maintaining a (mostly) healthy diet will make it easier for you to regain your pre-pregnancy shape and get back into your "normal" eating routine once baby arrives.

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