Solace For Single Mothers

Caring for an infant is hard enough a job for two parents let alone just one. We give major credit to single moms who to seem to manage it all. And for those who need some pointers, we're here for you!

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Put the focus on your baby

Regardless of the reasons that left you in the single parent position, try not to be bitter or let any resentment interfere with being a present, responsible and caring parent. Make sure your baby feels loved no matter what.

Get proper childcare

Tackling new parenthood alone can weigh heavily on you -- both mentally and physically -- especially if you are juggling motherhood with a full-time job. Seek out quality childcare to lessen or eliminate stress and guilt you may have about being away from your baby while you are at work. Consider asking family and close friends to help out with childcare as well.

Spend quality time with baby

When you are not at work, you'll be tempted to tackle the growing laundry pile and clean the house. But put those things on hold -- temporarily -- while you spend some quality time with your little one. Don't feel like you have to spoil your baby to try to make up for the fact that you are a single mom and a working mom. Just snuggling, playing and being with him will reinforce your love and tighten your bond.

Hire help

Consider getting a housekeeper, hiring a teenager in the neighborhood to mow your lawn or walk your dog, or enlisting the help of a professional services company to handle things like doing your grocery shopping and other errands so you can spend more time with new bundle of joy.

Give yourself some "time off"

Parenthood is hard. Single parenthood is harder. Don't spread yourself too thin and give yourself a break! Make sure you give yourself a set amount of "me time" every day -- even if it amounts to taking a 30-minute bath after baby goes down for the night or reading a few chapters of a new bestseller.

In addition, go out every now and then with colleagues and friends so you can connect with other adults in an atmosphere outside of work.

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