A Pregnancy Journal To Track Fitness

Gaiam's FitPlan Pregnancy is a daily journal pregnant women can use to track their exercise and fitness goals. We're taking a closer look at the journal and putting it to the test!

FitPlan pregnancy journal: Product reviewThe rundown

I love working out, but maintaining a consistent exercise schedule during my pregnancy has been a challenge for me. Although I'm having a healthy pregnancy and could ideally maintain the same fitness level that I had pre-baby-in-the-belly, I've found it hard to stick to my regular routine.

Massive morning sickness in the first trimester kept me from exercising too much and even when I felt better, I struggled to find time to fit in regular exercise in-between prenatal appointments, birthing classes and gearing up for baby.

However, I knew it was important to get in some daily activity and also keep an eye on other crucial factors for a healthy pregnancy -- tracking what you eat, drink, and how much you sleep.

Luckily I had the opportunity to check out Gaiam's FitPlan Pregnancy tracker and record my progress. But would it help me stay on track for having a fit pregnancy?

What it promises

Gaiam has a series of fitness journals for fitness, running, strength training and now one specifically for pregnancy fitness. The FitPlan Pregnancy Journal is supposed to help you stay on track with exercise goals and track other good pregnancy behaviors like foods eaten and amount of sleep you got. Unlike the other Gaiam fitness journals that run for 90 days, the pregnancy version tracks your progress through week 40.

Advertised benefits:

  • Prefect to record goals and track progress
  • Journal helps you stick to your desired outcome
  • Contains exercise and nutrition education
  • Compact and portable, great for travel

Our take

I put the fitness tracker to the test by starting at the very beginning of the journal and catching up on basic tips for a healthy pregnancy.

There's information for sticking to a healthy plan along with extra details specific to pregnant women (avoid lying down when exercising, widen your stance to allow plenty of space in the pelvic floor for baby, stand up slowly so you don't get dizzy, etc.). There's a series of basic exercises you could do throughout your pregnancy and record in the journal section.

The journal contains nutrition information specific to pregnant women including approximate calorie increase by trimester and serving and portion recommendations.

There are also tips for establishing healthy habits and the importance of sleep and staying well hydrated.

The journal starts at week four since most women don't know they're pregnant before then, but I started at week 27 since that's when I focused on getting back into a fitness routine.

I really like the fitness advice presented at the start of each week along with the tidbits of helpful information throughout the book.

I tried doing the recommended strength training exercises every other day, and while I liked the idea of being able to track the amount of sets and reps I was doing, I found myself getting a little bored of following the same routine.

The space for tracking what you eat was helpful to see general trends on what you're eating, but the space is a little limited for writing down detailed information. It helped me to also track my water consumption and sleep amount daily too.

Overall the journal helped me take a comprehensive look at my health and fitness goals.

The bottom line

The journal was successful in making me re-evaluate my pregnancy fitness goals and start establishing a healthy fitness routine again. I'm exercising daily, watching my water intake and the amount of sleep I'm trying to stock up on before baby is born.

Women who like to use paper calendars and are good at maintaining daily journals would particularly find this product useful. While the journal is compact and would easily fit in most purses, those who want an easy tracker on the go might consider checking out a fitness app for their Smartphone instead.

Where to buy

Gaiam FitPlan Journals are available from Gaiam.com, Amazon, and major retailers for $10.

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