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Recovering from delivery is a delicate process. But if you had a cesarean delivery, the healing is different than from a traditional vaginal birth. Treat your body right so you will heal properly.

Mom resting with baby

Give it time

It takes about six weeks (or more) to recover from a C-section and in that time you may feel very sore, weak and tired.

Don't do too much

Don't lift heavy items (my doctor recommended not lifting anything heavier than my own newborn) during your recovery period. Also, try to keep the items you'll need to care for baby (diapers, wipes, burp cloths, pacis, etc.) within reach so you don't have to do too much walking around during the initial recovery period. Luckily, your baby will likely be spending the first few weeks of his life sleeping quite a bit so use this time to rest as well.

Don't bathe

The C-section incision should not be saturated in water so you'll have to scratch bathing and swimming off your to-do list for a few weeks. Keep showers short and avoid having the water spray directly onto your incision.

Stay hydrated

Drinking lots of water during your recovery is important for many reasons -- particularly to replace fluids lost during delivery and breastfeeding.

Hold on!

When you cough, sneeze, laugh or urinate you may feel as though your incision is going to rip open. That is a common fear but it's not likely to actually happen. However, it won't hurt to gently cradle your abdomen when you get up, laugh or go potty to give it a little support.

Get help

Ask your partner to take over some of the household chores and errands during your recovery period or hire someone to help with these duties so you can properly heal.

Call your doctor

If you have a fever, if the incision is leaking or producing a discharge or you have lots of pain around the incision, see your doctor right away.

Follow your doctor's orders

Above all, listen to your doctor's instructions on how to recover from the surgery. Remember it is indeed a complex surgery that requires the proper downtime to properly heal.

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