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Addicted to your iPad? You’ll want to check out Ready, Set, Baby!, a new parenting e-book made specifically with tech-savvy moms and dads in mind. Scheduled to be released March 21, we got a peak and are giving you the 411.

Ready, Set, Baby! Parenting book
The rundown

Made for the next generation of parents, Ready, Set, Baby! The Watch and Learn Guide to Your Baby’s First Year, is an e-book created specifically to be viewed on your iPad or iPhone.

It covers lessons you might find in classic parenting books and kicks it up a notch by supplementing the information with videos, specific product recommendations, and the ability to easily share tips with others.

What it promises

Ready, Set, Baby! is the first all-digital parenting book out there for new parents-to-be. The e-book features 80 instructional HD videos, a pop-up glossary, built-in buying guide, and interactive slide shows and guided tours featuring child care experts.

14 different chapters are broken out into broad categories like:

  • Baby Care Essentials
  • Health and Development
  • Preparing for Your Baby’s Arrival

Within those categories, specific topics are covered such as:

  • Breastfeeding and Pumping
  • Hygiene and Skin Care
  • Sleep Strategies
  • Switching to Solid Food
  • Development and milestones
  • Preparing Yourself, Your Partner, and Your Home
  • Doctors, Day Care, and the rest of your home

The book claims to “guide you from birth to bath time to baby steps,” offering tips for major parenting concerns and instructional lessons along the way.

Ready, Set, Baby!Our take

As much as I love my iPad, I actually don’t like using it to read books (I know, I’m pretty old-school for liking plain, old paper books). When asked to review an e-book, I approached it with caution since I expected to be bored and suffer through long pages of text.

Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised with Ready, Set, Baby! Rather than being just pages of words, the short tips and interactive content kept me engaged and I didn’t want to put it down.

Favorite features:

It's digital. It cut down on the paper clutter overflowing in my baby binder that's stuffed to the brim with infant care class information, tip sheets from our birthing classes, and hospital information. And, I didn’t have to add yet another parenting book to my already full bookshelf.

Information on the go. Since it’s loaded on both my iPad and iPhone, I can pull up the book from anywhere. I read the chapter on diapers on my iPhone while waiting in the doctor’s office lounge for my prenatal appointment.

Video tutorials. Actually seeing a technique demonstrated rather than just reading about it made it so much easier to understand and it kept me from getting bored. Plus, my husband, who’s not a big reader, would be more inclined to watch the tips on our iPad rather than pulling out a big parenting book. I keep my earbuds in my purse so watching videos when I have downtime in-between appointments is super easy.

Sharable. You can tweet, Facebook or email content to your heart’s content. Rather than just sending a link to the content and then having to write your own message about it, you can actually highlight a specific quote and share it directly. A helpful way to pass on a tip to a fellow new mom or send information to your partner.

Helpful pictures. The visual examples mixed in with the content show you exactly what’s being discussed. Warning: Some of the images can take you by surprise. I came across a picture of baby’s first poop that made me do a double-take. However, once I got over the shock factor of looking at a dirty diaper, it was beneficial to see a meconium example, especially after hearing it discussed so much in our parenting classes without actually seeing what it looks like.

Product recommendations. The book recommends specific products in each relevant section where you can actually order the product directly. I had mixed feelings about this. Initially it felt a little too commercial, but since only one product type was recommended in each section, it kept me from suffering from “paralysis by analysis,” (you know, that dreaded feeling you get when you walk into a baby store and are overwhelmed by the massive selection of a gazillion bottles only to walk right out without buying anything).

I’m not a heavy online shopper so I don’t know how much I’d actually use the product recommendations to buy baby gear, but my husband, who only shops online, would probably find it really useful. Regardless it was nice to see specific products that related to the topic discussed.

Bottom line

First-time parents will probably find the information in the “Ready, Set, Baby!” helpful.

The digital platform will particularly appeal to tech-savvy users, but it’s so user-friendly that even traditional paper book readers will enjoy it. The portability makes it an easy reference to pull out on the go.

The search functionality could be appealing for busy parents who might not have time to sit down and read the book as a whole, but are interested in easily searching specific parenting topics and bookmarking them for future reference.

Refresher moms might not find the information as helpful since it's geared more towards first-time parents.

Where to buy

“Ready, Set, Baby!” is available to download in iTunes for $10. If you don’t have an iPhone or iPad, the book can also be downloaded through Amazon.

Learn more at

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