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A Washington mom was hoping that she would avoid a c-section -- even though her baby was breech. She got her wish when her baby was unexpectedly born in the family car on a highway.

Mom with her newborn baby

Rebecca Anderson’s second baby had been determined to be breech, and her doctor explained that she may need a c-section. She and her husband, Nicholas, hoped to avoid a surgical delivery, and fortunately got their wish -- but not in an expected way.

Highway delivery

Rebecca noticed that she was having contractions at around midnight last Friday night, and they had picked up enough within a few hours to phone their clinic and head in. During the drive, around 20 minutes after they left, she felt like pushing, which of course was not what her husband wanted to hear.

He encouraged her to not push, and drove a bit faster, but soon realized that they would have to pull over because the baby was coming whether they were ready or not.

Dad pulled over and phoned 911, who informed them that a Washington State Trooper was in the vicinity and headed their way. They then patched him through to a nurse, who wasn’t enthused when he told her the baby was breech. She actually said, “I can’t help you with that.”

Rebecca was able to hold on for the trooper, but didn’t make it to the hospital. Baby Elise, weighing just shy of 5 pounds, was born at 3:25 a.m. on the side of Interstate 5.

Mom and Elise are healthy and happy, and her parents have a really wonderful story to share with her when she gets older.

Breech birth

A breech baby doesn’t always mean an automatic c-section. Many practitioners are experienced in breech deliveries, and some can even physically manipulate your baby into a new position. If your baby is determined to be head up, or sideways, don’t despair -- keep an open dialogue with your medical team and a vaginal delivery may be in your future.

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