Springtime Fun For Baby

Now that spring is officially upon us, it's time to start thinking about some springtime fun for baby. You don't have to go all out to give baby some fabulous outdoor experiences. Just go outside!

Butterfly on a flower

Go butterfly watching

One of my favorite things to do with my kids come springtime is take them to our local botanical gardens for its annual butterfly exhibit. I've been taking the kids since they were infants and they look forward to it every year.

Release ladybugs

Now that it's spring, you can purchase containers of live ladybugs in the garden section of Home Depot or other home improvement or gardening stores. If you want to release ladybugs for your baby to view, do it at dusk so the ladybugs will not immediatley fly off. It's also important to water the grass/soil where to plan to release them before you set them free so they can get a little drink.

If you want them to stick around, plant some scented geraniums, dandelions or white cosmos before you plan to release them. Baby will love watching all the ladybugs crawl around -- maybe even on him!

Dig in the garden

Speaking of gardening, let your baby get down and dirty in the garden with you. Get him a set of plastic gardening tools and set aside a specific area in your garden that he is allowed to dig up as he pleases. You may think he's just making a mess but your little one will learn as he watches you tend to your garden.

Splash parks

Pools can be overwhelming for young babies (and scary for moms when baby doesn't know how to swim yet) but splash pads are just their speed. No standing water reduces the fear and risk of drowning yet baby can still have fun exploring water play. Research splash pads or splash parks in your area -- they can often be found at parks and outdoor shopping centers. Dress your baby in swim gear (don't forget the hat and sunglasses) and bring plenty of sunscreen!

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