St. Patty’S Day Baby

Give your little one the luck of the Irish this St. Patrick’s Day with one of these cute baby outfit ideas.

St. Patrick's Day baby outfits

1. Kiss me. I’m…

Your babe doesn’t have to be Irish to get covered with smooches. His adorable face is reason enough. Buy this super cute onesie for St. Patty’s Day and keep it on him long past the holiday as a reason to lay a kiss on those pinchable chubby cheeks.
“Kiss me. I’m Cute” onesie, Etsy shop Ree Lee Delightful, $12

2. Do the shamrock shake

If Irish heritage runs through your blood, your family will get a kick out of this bodysuit. The shamrock is a classic Irish symbol and if your baby is part Irish, it’s a totally legit look to rock for weeks afterwards (bonus points if your little leprechaun has red hair).
O’Baby Shamrock infant bodysuit, CafePress shopkeeper World Fair, $19

3. Just a touch of green

Heading outdoors for a St. Patrick’s Day parade? Bundle up your bambino with this cozy shamrock print beanie. Add an extra boost of holiday style by combining it with a green and white plaid shirt or dress.
St. Patrick’s Day beanie, Carters, $7

4. Baby’s 1st St. Patty’s

If baby is enjoying her first taste of cabbage, keep it from dribbling down her chin with a bib that’s fitting for the day. Document the day with a picture to remember her first St. Patrick’s Day and use it to embarrass her when she’s older and has moved on to green beer.
My First St. Patrick’s Day bib, Babies R Us, $5

5. Mom's lucky charm

Mourning the days when you used to party like a rock star, slamming green beer till the sun came up? One look at your little man in this shirt and your heart will melt into a pot of gold as you realize how much becoming a mom has changed your life for the better.
Mom's Lucky Charm t-shirt, Carters, $6 

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