Making Mealtime Fun
For Toddlers

We’re looking at the latest and greatest finds from the eco-friendly brand Innobaby. Get a detailed look at their sippy cup and bus-shaped dinner platter.

Innobaby was started by two moms who recognized the need for functional baby products. The family-owned company is known for their “SMART solutions” to common baby product frustrations for parents.

Innobaby’s Packin’ SMART tiered container is what first caught moms’ attention for its on-the-go ease and organizational features. Now their newest toddler products are causing quite a buzz for their mealtime fun.

Check out our review:

Innobaby din din platterInnobaby din din platter with lid

Meals on wheels

Din Din Smart Stainless Divided Platter with lid, $20

This kid-friendly dinner plate comes in a fun bus-shaped design that will appeal to both little ones and parents. The divided compartments keep different foods from sloshing into one another. The plate can be ordered with or without a lid.

Innobaby stackable bus dinner platter


  • Dining diversity. Five separate containers cab help introduce the five food groups.
  • Slosh-free. Divided compartments help keep food separate from each other for picky eaters.
  • Sweet lid. The sectional lid helps keep food from mixing. It also makes the dinner plate stackable for easy storage.
  • Durable. Stain resistant, dishwasher safe, and made with food-grade quality stainless steel.
  • Peace of mind. BPA, Phthalates, PVC, and lead free.

Our take:

We love the fun gender-neutral design. The stackable lid makes the bus plate easy to store in cupboards. The stainless steel container might help relieve some of the anxiety parents have around using plastic food containers these days, without compromising fun style. Plus, you'll totally want to come up with new lyrics to "Wheels on the bus" while dishing out dinner.

One concern is how the product handles extreme temperatures since it’s constructed from stainless steel. The metal container is obviously not safe for microwaves, but parents will want to use caution when dishing up very hot items or removing the metal plate from the freezer.

Bonus use: The stylish container could have duel use as an activity organizer when your tot gets older or as hip alternative to a desk or junk draw organizer for mom.

Innobaby sippy cupSippin’ smart

Sippin’ Smart ez flow straw sippy, $13

This 10 oz. toddler sippy cup was designed to be completely spill-proof. It has an easy flow straw that allows a tot to drink in any position with continuous flow. The smaller, durable straw was designed to hold up to the rough and tough treatment of toddlers.


  • Leakproof design. The straw was designed to be leak resistant when flipped and the cup lid has a silicone seal to help avoid letting liquid escape.
  • Easy flow. A weighted ball on the end of the straw follows the liquid for continuous flow. A air release valve keeps liquid from overflowing.
  • Tot-friendly. The wide cup base and side handles make it easier for small hands to hold.
  • Peace of mind. BPA, Phthalates, PVC, and lead free.

Our take:

We really like the flip-top lid to help keep the cup free from germy little hands when not in use. The silicone straw seems especially durable and the smaller straw design means kiddos can’t stick their tiny fingers in it to rip it apart.

On the flip side, the small straw design and weighted ball on the end of the straw might make it more difficult to clean. Fortunately the cup is top-rack dishwasher safe and comes with a straw cleaning brush for extra tough stains.

The fun, eco-friendly Innobaby products are totally worth checking out for yourself!

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