Charlie Banana At Target

Good news for cloth diaper enthusiasts! Reusable diapers are starting to show up in your favorite retail stores.

Cloth diapers hanging on a line

Cloth diapers are becoming more and more popular, but moms usually shop for their stash online or in specialty stores that carry cloth and other environmentally-friendly children’s items. While “fluffy mail” is one of the best mail moms can wait for, it would be a lot more convenient if cloth was available at local stores. Good news -- it has!

Charlie Banana

Charlie Banana diapers at Target

I was shopping at Target yesterday and as I was walking through the baby section, I couldn’t believe the giant cloth diaper display that appeared before my eyes. The brand is Charlie Banana and and the selection was nice -- not a meager three or four diapers, but many different colors and prints, and they also had a nice selection of their combo swim diapers/training pants.

I cloth diapered my youngest child and the first time I saw a cloth diaper in person was when I drove over an hour to a cloth diaper specialty store in a southern suburb of Kansas City, Missouri. I was in heaven. Most of my shopping, after that, took place online, which made for many very lovely packages arriving at my doorstep, but it did lack the fun of being able to physically go to the store and mess around with the diapers in person.

I loved how they had this display, also -- on an end cap so it was highly visible, and completely stocked. I could tell that someone had been playing around with the diapers, too -- one was unsnapped and had been explored.

It really makes me happy that cloth diapers are more becoming more accessible to not only the cloth-loving mamas like I was, but also to moms who have never seen a modern cloth diaper and how awesome they are. I hope that more brands start appearing at stores and that cloth becomes a reasonable idea for everyone.

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