Hernia Turns Into A Baby

A woman who thought she could never have children got the surprise of her life when she had a 10-pound baby girl.

Pretty baby girl

Linda Ackey, 44 years old, was told to go to the hospital for a CT scan because her doctor suspected the bloating in her abdomen was the result of a hernia. Instead, she found out she was 40 weeks pregnant and had a 10-pound baby girl that night.

I didn’t know I was pregnant

We’ve all probably seen the show on TLC, “I didn’t know I was pregnant.” And if we have babies of our own, we’ve probably thought, “How in the heck can someone not know?” I know that pregnancy makes me very aware just shortly after implantation, and the next eight or so months it brings an unbelievable number of crazy symptoms -- mood swings, cramping, tender breasts, fetal movement, giant belly, Braxton-Hicks contractions, acid reflux. The list goes on.

Pregnancy is not the same for everyone, though. And in this mom’s case, she had no reason to expect it. She and her husband had never used protection, yet no babies ever came. Two years ago, she was near death, suffering from necrotizing fasciitis, a serious bacterial infection that attacks soft tissue. Doctors had to remove muscles in her abdomen, and she spent a week in a coma.

Her periods have always been irregular, she didn’t gain weight and didn’t experience any pain. Looking back, she realized that she mistook fetal movement for muscle twitching and nerve firing that came about as a result of her surgery.

Proud mom and dad

Her husband was shocked, but his eyes brimmed with tears when he was told the big news. "I wish someone would have taken a picture of my face," Mike Ackley said.

For now, they’ve gone home to an apartment totally unprepared for a new family member. No crib, no baby clothes, no diapers -- can you imagine? Help is trickling in, and little Kimberly Kay will have an amazing story to share when her own children some day.

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