No Guarantees Trying For A Certain Gender

If you have your heart set on having a sweet little girl or a bouncing baby boy, you may have heard about some tricks to getting the gender you want – but there are no guarantees.

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Before taking the gamble...

If you are trying for a certain sex, consider how you'll feel if you don't end up with the sex you're trying for. We understand the desire for a certain sex but having a baby should be a joy either way. If you are in the gamble for the fun of it, we invite you to proceed!

It's all about the sperm

Keep in mind that the male sperm determines baby's sex. However, the sperm that produces a boy is different than the sperm that produces a girl -- besides its chromosomal makeup.

Baby boy

The "boy" sperm is considered to be stronger, swim faster and also have a shorter life span than "girl" sperm. If you are trying for a boy, you should try during ovulation or even toward the end of the ovulation cycle. However, if you wait until the end, you may miss the opportunity of getting pregnant at all until the next cycle.

Baby girl

"Girl" sperm swim slower and are likely to last a few days longer than boy sperm. If you are trying for a girl, have sex a few days before ovulation. This, in theory, will allow the boy sperm to die off and give the girl sperm the time needed to reach the egg.

Old wives' tales

There are old wives' tales that suggest having sex in a certain position or eating certain foods can garner you the gender you desire. However, there is no proof of that.

True gamble

Unless you are willing to seek medical intervention to end up with a certain gender, there are no guarantees when trying to conceive a certain sex. So have fun trying but don't put a whole lot of stock into the gender game because it really is a gamble.

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