Make Bath Time More Fun For Baby

Baby’s first introduction to water will come in the form of bath time. But not all babies love it. Help soothe baby during this cleansing ritual.

Happy baby in bathtub

Baby’s first bath

Bathing your newborn will consist of little more than a soft cloth or sponge, a small amount and water and a tiny bit of soap designed for sensitive baby skin. You can probably skip the soap for the first few weeks.

During these initial baths, make sure the water isn’t too cold or too hot and don’t submerge baby in any amount of water – just set him on a soft blanket or towel in a baby bathtub and squeeze the cloth or sponge water over him. Cover the areas that you are not washing at that moment to keep baby warm.

Once bath time is over, pat baby’s skin dry with a soft towel, put on a new diaper and wrap him up in a soft, warm blanket.

Baby bath time

As baby gets older and a little bigger, you can move him into the infant portion of a baby bath. Always keep one hand on him at all times to help him feel safe and secure. Baby will still not be submerged in water at this time, but you can pour water over him a little more generously than in his newborn days.

Make the bath a visually stimulating place for baby by applying brightly colored bath decals on the walls of the tub.

Sit up and splash

As baby develops the ability to sit up on his own and sit in the basin of his baby bath, let the fun begin! Show him how to pat the water with his hands to make a splash and kick his legs to get the water moving!

Bath toys

As baby gets even bigger, add some bath toys and sensitive skin bubble bath to his basin to make bathtime more fun and exciting. If baby hates when water is poured over his face when you rinse his hair, put a soft cloth over his eyes to keep them dry.

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