Baby’S Movement In The Womb

There are countless exciting milestones throughout your pregnancy. However, feeling baby kick for the first time is definitely on high end of that list.

pregnant woman sleeping with hand on belly

When will baby first kick?

You will probably be anticipating baby's first kick from the time you learn you're pregnant -- but you'll have to wait at least until the second trimester. While baby is moving about in your womb starting at about 12 weeks, you won’t be able to feel him move or kick until about you’re about 16 to 25 weeks along.

The first movements are called “quickening” and rather than kicks, they feel more like flutters. You may even mistake those first few movements for a gas bubble.

He’s kicking now!

As baby grows, his kicks will become more distinct as he struggles to stretch and move around in his tiny home. This means you’ll be able to feel his movements more.

You may even be able to see a foot or arm stretch across your belly every now and then! A totally out-of-this world first time experience let me tell you.

This is a fun time to have the father, your other children or your friends and close family bond with baby by putting a hand on your belly to feel her move about.

Third trimester movement

Into your third trimester, you may start to feel discomfort from baby’s kicks and jabs. He’s moving more than ever now -- about 30 times per hour -- and, lucky you, is usually most active at night, which may make sleeping difficult until you adjust to the movements.

As you get closer to your due date, you will actually be able to feel baby’s movements less as he has less room to move around in the uterus. However, you should still be able to at least feel 10 movements within a two-hour period, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Take note, and if you don’t feel baby move that much, call your doctor right away.

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