Space Babies

In a Kia Super Bowl commercial a dad is forced to tackle a tough parenting question when his son asks, “Dad, where do babies come from?”

Kia Super Bowl Space Babies ad

Forget the football game, the Super Bowl commercials are what everyone will be talking about on Monday.

We love babies

Commercials featuring babies have always been popular for their cuteness factor, but ever since the famous E-Trade Super Bowl baby commercial popped on the scene in 2008, advertisers have stepped up their game in terms of featuring cute little munchkins.

The new Kia Super Bowl commercial might get some extra brownie points with moms and dads as it addresses a common parenting moment. While riding in a Kia Sorento, a son asks his dad where babies come from and an elaborate tale is told.


The dad tells his son that there’s a planet called “Babylandia” that’s filled with babies of all kinds – including cute little animals. When the timing is right, the babies shoot off into space on rocket ships where they “penetrate the atmosphere” and are parachuted down towards their parents, “after an amazing 9-month journey” of course.

Ahem, notice the symbolism between this tale and the real baby-making story?

When the boy questions his dad’s tale by saying, “But Jake said babies are made when mommies and daddies…” his pop cuts him off by playing “Wheels on the Bus” to avoid an awkward moment.

Cuteness factor

The commercial is probably pretty relatable for most parents who have told their kids an embellished tale or two to avoid giving a direct answer and potentially embarrassing moment. And even those who aren’t parents will still get a kick out of the little space babies and adorable little baby animals. Cause really? Who doesn’t love a cute baby panda?

Get a peak at the “Space Babies” 2014 Kia Sorento Super Bowl commercial:

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