Baby, Play With Me!

Is baby too young to play? Never! As soon as baby arrives, you can engage her in small forms of play to bond.

Baby on back looking at mobile

Sing songs

From birth you can engage baby with silly songs and nursery rhymes. Try interactive ones like "This Little Piggie" and the "Itsy Bitsy Spider." Read simple "baby's first" board books with large pictures, shapes and patterns.


Get some face time in with baby by playing peek-a-boo -- from behind a burp cloth or simply cover your hands will your face and open them again.

Tummy time

Doctors say you can begin doing the all-important tummy time with baby at birth. However, you may want to wait until after his umbilical cord falls off if it appears to cause him discomfort during your tummy time sessions. Get down on your tummy too, and enjoy this floor fun time with your infant.

Dance party

Turn up your favorite dance tunes, strap baby into a sling or carrier and bop around the house. He'll enjoy the movement and the music so much he may even drift off to sleep if you turn to a slow song.

Pop, pop, pop

Bubbles are one of the most inexpensive playthings for babies. Bring a swing or seat outside for baby, prop him up safely and then blow. Watching his face light up when the bubbles hit the ground is priceless.


Babies love to feel new things. Give her a lesson in textures by running various fabric swaths over her tiny fingers and softly across her cheeks.

Show and tell

Wherever you go with baby, talk to him and tell him what you are doing. When you’re at the grocery store, for example, show him what you are buying: “Yellow banana, red apple, green grapes.” Let him touch the items too before you put them into your cart.

Roll it, stack it, knock it down

As baby develops her ability to reach, grab and hold, set out some balls for her to roll and blocks for her to stack and knock down.

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