Dutch TV Hosts Experience “Labor”

As if it really needed to be proven, a couple of Dutch television hosts underwent simulated labor pains as a stunt on their show. And guess what? It hurts.

Woman in labor

Ouch -- that’s the consensus after Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno of the show “Guinea Pigs” were hooked up to electrodes for a couple of hours in an attempt to simulate labor pain. The amusing video portrays their grunts, grimaces and groans, and led to empathy for what women go through as they birth babies, which, as all moms know, is a herculean task.

Wait a minute

"Two hours … two measly hours?!"

I have to point out that the electrodes were put on their abdomens. Now, I’m sure it hurt like crazy, which is obvious, and the device was programmed to increase in intensity and frequency, just like real labor contractions. But I’m guessing they only went through a portion of the pain and pressure involved in actual childbirth -- unless there were electrodes on their backs, their butts and a “ring of fire” function -- oh, and the feeling of a newborn infant passing through their pelvis.

And two hours … two measly hours?! I’m sure moms everywhere just laughed when they read that they could only handle two hours of the pain -- which probably convinced these dudes that women are the most powerful beings on the planet.

Natural childbirth

These men most likely did not prepare in any way for the pain of their ordeal, like moms do who prepare for natural childbirth. No childbirth classes, no Hypnobabies, no breathing techniques. They also did not make use of a giant bouncy ball, a birthing tub or any other popular methods to help cope with the pain of labor.

Tell us!

So, what do you think? Was this experiment valid, or was it just a silly stunt?

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