Give Up The Guilt

Despite its benefits, breastfeeding is not for everyone... whether you simply can't breastfeed or have chosen not to, Hatch offers benefits for bottle feeding baby.

Mother bottle feeding baby

Don't feel guilty

Whatever your reasons for choosing to bottle feed versus breastfeed your baby, the decision is yours and yours alone. So own it! Don't feel guilty for your choices. And there are plenty of benefits of bottle feeding baby, too.

Bonding with Dad

Many dads get left out of the feeding process with moms who are exclusively nursing. But bottle feeding gives them an opportunity to bond with baby during the intimate feeding process. Give Dad bottle duty for at least one feeding a day.


There is no doubt that bottle feeding offers the convenience of feeding on the go without the worry of public nursing, which is a very private issue for many moms. Simply pack a bottle of water and some to-go formula packets and you're ready to feed baby anytime she's ready.


Bottle feeding baby is an ideal option for busy working moms that don't have time to pump throughout the day enough to supply baby with enough breastmilk. Since breastfeeding can be very time-consuming, bottle feeding offers Mom additional freedom.

Breastfeeding trouble

If you have having difficulty breastfeeding despite help from a professional lactation specialist or if you are experiencing severe pain while nursing that could lead to mastitis, perhaps breastfeeding is not right for you and your baby. Mastitis is an infection in the breast tissue which can result in swelling, tenderness and redness of the breasts in addition to fever and chills. The condition can also result in Mom feeling run down, leaving her without the energy she needs to properly care for baby.

If you're trying to breastfeed but are experiencing mastitis, see your doctor as the condition doesn't necessarily mean you have to stop trying to breastfeed.

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