Soothe Pregnancy Skin

It's no secret that expectant moms often experience dry, itchy skin during pregnancy. Don't let winter weather exacerbate the issue -- let these skin care tips help.

Pregnant woman itching her bellyCozy up, don't crank the heat

If you're looking to warm up against the cold climate, resist cranking up the heat. Having the heat on indoors is a sure fire way to dry out your skin, inviting uncomfortable tightness and itchiness.

Toss on a cozy sweatshirt and some thick socks instead. As a soft skin bonus, coat your tootsies in rich lotion or even Vaseline before pulling on those socks. When you pull 'em off, your feet will look (and feel!) as if you've just had a pedicure... sans a new coat of polish.

Oil up, baby

Your usual lotion may not be cut out to fight winter dryness. Try a new lotion that's oil based (versus water based) and/or one that is specific for pregnant skin such as Palmer's Soothing Oil for Dry, Itchy Skin, around $7 at drugstores.

Another fabulous skin soother to try? Body butters like shea or cocoa that are super-rich and encourage the body's natural elasticity like Earth Mama Body Butter, $20 for an eight-ounce container.

Sunscreen for the snow?

Despite the fact that you likely aren't baring your baby belly on a beach somewhere this winter, you should still remain vigilent on your suncreen routine. A sunburn (even from a day spent frolicking in the snow) can be torturous for already dry pregnancy skin.

And even if you slather on an SPF every two hours, don't expect your sunscreen to serve double duty as skin softening lotion.

Avoid long hot showers

Hot water sucks moisture right out of your sensitive prengnant skin. So save your skin -- and some water -- by shortening your shower and opting for luke warm water versus super-hot. Your skin will thank you.

Post-shower, don't totally towel off before applying your lotion -- skin soothing products can do their best work when applied to slightly damp, right-out-of-the-shower skin.

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