Get Off To A Fresh
Start In 2013

If you have a young baby, you can still make a few New Year’s resolutions that will help your baby get off to a great start in life as well as help you stay focused and relaxed.

New Year baby

New Year’s resolutions are definitely for everyone, including moms of newborns or young babies. Taking care of yourself is so important. You’re a better parent when you’re rested, bathed, fed and allowed some leisure time. This may seem totally impossible when you have a fussy baby who wants to nurse nonstop, but you can get some “me” time in even while meeting the needs of your little one.

Resolve to stay connected

Dedicate whatever part of your home is the most comfortable to nurse in as yours. Keep newspapers and magazines nearby. Set up near plugins for your mobile devices so you can Facebook to your heart’s content while Baby is nursing. You might even use your phone to call someone when you have some downtime.

Resolve to get out of the house

Wearing your baby is an excellent way to nurture and care for your little one while you go about your daily business. You can clean, shop or chat with friends with a baby snuggled to your chest in a baby carrier. Make plans with good friends for a casual lunch. You don’t know if your baby will stay content and quiet but you won’t know until you try.

Resolve to accept offers of help

If you’re fortunate enough to receive offers of help, accept some. You may not want to accept offers of people coming over to “hold your baby” but offers to clean your house, to bring dinner, to go grocery shopping for you, to take your older children out for an hour -- definitely.

Resolve to eat well

This is not about losing weight or going on a diet. This is about the rest of your life and providing a healthy parent for your child in the many years to come. Cut down on processed foods, avoid tons of sugar (I know, I know) and increase your intake of vegetables and fruits. Try a new piece of produce once a month -- maybe you’ll discover a new favorite.

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