Take Note, Everyone!

Pregnant women are often the object of public affection, as well as belly rubbing and some of the silliest comments ever uttered. Here’s a list of what you should definitely not say to a pregnant woman.

Pregnant woman with her pals

Wow, you’re huge!

Really… when you’re pregnant, you’re probably self-conscious already about your weight gain. So when a stranger, acquaintance, or even worse, a friend, remarks on how enormous you are, it’s no fun at all.

Gosh, you’re small

And on the flip side, being told that your belly is tiny, or that you’re definitely not as pregnant as you really are, can be worrisome -- you might wonder if your baby isn’t growing or that something is wrong.

Are sure you’re not expecting twins?

Along the same lines as the “huge” comment above, this one also borders on the ridiculous -- chances are you do, in fact, know that there is a single uterine resident, so saying such a goofy comment is not only rude but plain silly.

Was it planned?

Really, what a terribly invasive question this is. If it’s not your husband, the person doesn’t need to know if your baby was planned or if it was a surprise.

Don’t you know how that happens?

For moms of many, or perhaps young moms, being quizzed on if you know how babies are made is downright insulting. It’s not a joke, and it’s not funny.

Don’t do that!

Pregnant women are genuinely sure of their own physical limitations, if she even feels she has any. She has a physician or a midwife with whom she has discussed her diet, exercise routine and lifting habits.

I had a horrific labor!

War stories are all fun and games, but sharing them with a first-time mom is not the way to make a new pal.

My wife had an easy pregnancy, why do you feel so bad?

As if every pregnancy was the same, then this remark could be understandable. But they are all different. And in fact, how does the non-pregnant partner really know how Mom felt during pregnancy? Just grr.

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