Stay Well With These Natural Tips

Stay well throughout your pregnancy with these flu-prevention tips safe for pregnant women.

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Wash your hands

Doctors all seem to agree that preventing the flu and colds starts with washing your hands. Remember to wash especially after going to the restroom and before eating. Wash those hands after making contact with other people, especially if you suspect they might be sick themselves.

Eat healthfully

Eating healthy foods like fruits and veggies -- organic if possible -- can strengthen your immune system, leaving you less likely to catch a cold or the flu. Check with your doctor about prenatal vitamins to help strengthen your immune system as well.

Keep up your exercise routine

Exercising regularly is another great way to stay healthy, helping your body stave off cold and flu. You may need to modify your exercise routine during your pregnancy. Talk to your doctor about a safe workout routine that you can keep up through the duration of your pregnancy.

Stay hydrated

Be sure to drink plenty of water during pregnancy, as expectant women can get easily dehydrated. Carry a bottle with you at all times and order water instead of soda when you dine out.

Talk to your doctor about the flu vaccine

Many women are on the fence about getting a vaccination during their pregnancy. Before your get stuck, ask what your doctor recommends.

Get enough rest

A worn out body is more susceptible to sickness... so make sure to get your shut-eye mama! While your sleep may be disrupted during pregnancy due to that occasional (or not so occasional, especially toward the end of your pregnancy) trip to the potty, try to get at least eight hours of zzz's a night.

If you find sleeping at night becomes difficult, try to make up for that loss with a little cat nap during the day. Even a 20- or 30-minute rest can help refresh and energize you. Sleeping during the day is foreign to some -- so employ the use of an eye mask, some calming music or even a cup of warm decaf tea before you lie down.

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