Oh, No! Baby Hates Santa

We've all seen (or experienced!) the crying baby sitting on Santa's lap scenario. While some feel this is a time-honored tradition, is it smart to take baby to see Santa?

Scary Santa float

Introduce the concept of Santa

Before you take your baby to see the man in red, introduce baby to the idea of Santa via pictures, cartoons, images or small toys or ornaments. Stroll around the mall and take baby by Santa's workshop a few times before taking him in to see how he reacts. If he's excited, go for it! If he's hesitant, take afew more laps around the mall then try again.

Don't force it

If baby is hysterically crying, don't force him to sit on Santa's lap while you stand off in the distance (a very far away from baby, from his scared perspective!). This could truly spark a fear of Santa for years to come! Stay with baby until he calms down or sit next to Santa with baby on your lap to capture a happy photo.

Try a faux Santa

If you're dead-set on getting your baby's photo with Santa without tears, take a picture in front of a life-size cut-out of Santa, a blow-up Santa (like the kind you see in people's yards as decor) or a small stuffed toy Santa. Baby is more likely to feel comfortable with a toy Santa or one closer to his size -- a big Santa can be very intimidating to a small baby.

Try again next year

If baby gets anxiety everytime you get near Santa's workshop, try again next year. There are plenty of darling photo opportunites for baby at Christimastime that don't involve the fear of a scary Santa. Pop an over-sized Santa hat (and little else) on baby for a darling Chrismtas card photo, or snap pictures of baby lost amid the chaos of tons of wrapped presents on Christmas morning. There are many happy alternatives that don't result in frightenting baby.

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