Shake Out Of The Pregnancy Slump!

Pregnancy is a joyous thing… But between bouts of morning sickness and sacrificing Sushi Sundays with your GFs, you might not be the happiest pregnant girl around.

Shocked woman with scale

Feel grateful

You’re allowed to feel bummed during pregnancy. But fight the urge to wallow in self-pity… after all – you’ll soon be a mommy, a privilege not awarded to every woman.

Even if your ankles (and face!) are swollen and you’re not sure you’ll ever wear your favorite skinny jeans again, remember how lucky you really are. This too shall pass. (And we’re almost certain you’ll be able to rock those skinny jeans post-pregnancy.) We also suggest you hide your scale for a few months!

Feeling left out?

If you’re feeling blue that you can’t partake in the signature holiday cocktails at your office party, create your own signature virgin sparkling mocktail and cheers right along with your co-workers. Take solice in the fact that you won’t have to be dealing with a hangover tomorrow as many of them may!

Take a nap

If you’re feeling blue or exasperated by pregnancy, you may just be really tired! Your hormones are all over the place, likely disrupting your usual peaceful nights’ sleep. Try to squeeze in a power nap.

Treat yourself

Run a warm (not too hot) bath, get a pregnancy massage or a mani-pedi. A little self-spoiling never hurts in helping turn that frown upside down!

Talk it out

Sometimes venting can help you get to the real root of your emotions. Call your bestie for a bitch session or cry on your hubby’s shoulder for a little bit. Even if they can’t offer a solution, at least they will be there for you – and that may be all you need to feel better.

Down in the dumps

If you continue to have feelings of sadness, talk to your doctor right away. As your hormones shift, there may be an imbalance that a simple pick-me-up can’t cure. Remember that your health is paramount during pregnancy… and that includes your mental health!

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