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Love A Lovey

If baby is having trouble sleeping without assistance, the introduction of a lovey can be the perfect solution.

baby lovey

When to introduce a lovey

You can introduce a lovey as soon as baby is born. It can be a small blankie or plush toy -- but make sure it doesn't have any hard parts/edges, sounds or lights that could eventually disrupt him in the night. In the first stages of baby's life, you do not necessarily put baby down with his lovey, but having it around or even between you at all times will help your baby associate it with comfort.

Have a backup

Whatever lovey you choose, buy at least two or three and secretly rotate them so that they each become equally loved and used. If the main lovey did go missing, you could easily replace it without your baby becoming any the wiser. We're not suggesting you try to trick your baby... but we can guarantee this will eliminate a major meltdown if the lovey ever gets left behind. Make sure that the loveys are machine washable for easy maintanance.


A lovey can provide much security to your baby as he traverses this big ol' world. It can serve as a great comfort to him as he learns to fall asleep on his own. Long before you start to put baby down to sleep on his own with his lovey, make sure the lovey is present at nursing, soothing, reading and relaxing times.

Comfort times

Beyond sleepy time, you can enlist the help of baby's lovey during times he may feel anxiety or fear. If he finds car rides troubling, perhaps his lovey can help soothe him. If he gets upset when you leave for work, make sure lovey is present and accounted for!

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