Learn To Share Your Baby

New moms tend to be slightly overprotective and want to take over everything when it comes to their newborns. But your partner may be feeling a bit left out! Let go a little so he (and other family members) can share in the joy of the new addition.

New dad feeding newborn

Take turns

Whether its changing baby’s diaper, rocking him to sleep or feeding him, alternate with your partner so you each get these experiences. It’s important that your partner get all the bonding time with baby that new moms seem to get naturally.

Get some rest

Allowing Dad or even other family members to take over caring for baby for a few hours can give you some precious time to, oh, I don’t know… take a shower, go potty yourself, take a nap or any of the million things you probably haven’t prioritized on your list of to-do’s since your baby was born.

Take baby steps

If you’re not comfortable leaving baby yet, don’t rush it. Believe us, there will be a day when you can’t wait to get just five minutes of peace and quiet and you’ll be ready to have your baby off to just anyone. Well, okay. We might be exaggerating a little. But the point is, you should cherish this time with your newborn as it is so fleeting. Don’t give in to the pressure of friends or family offering top babysit so you can get out of the house solo if you’re simply not ready.

However, when the time comes when you just need a break, take it little by little. Keep your first outing away from baby short and stay close to home so you can return quickly in case there is an emergency or you simply can’t wait to get back home to your little one.

Be understanding

Realize that your husband, mom or the new babysitter may not burp baby or rock him exactly as you might, but that doesn’t mean it’s the wrong way. Allow your husband, most importantly, to pave his own way in the world of parenthood and fight the urge to cut in and “correct” his parenting abilities. Remember, there are limitless ways to love a child.

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