Babies Start Cutting Their Teeth Sooner Than You Think

If baby is irritable, could he be cutting his first tooth?

baby's first teeth

Average age for baby’s first tooth

Baby’s first teeth generally break through the gums at about six months. However, many babies cut their first tooth as early as three to four months and some don’t get their first teeth until eight or nine months or even later.

Teething symptoms

Before baby’s first teeth pop through, you’ll probably notice some symptoms like drooling, gum swelling and sensitivity, fussiness, restlessness or waking in the night, and even fever or diarrhea.

Soothe baby's sore gums

  • Soak a soft cloth (such as a burp cloth or wash cloth) in chamomile tea or water, wring it out, then freeze it in a plastic bag for about it hour. Remove the cloth from the plastic bag before giving it to baby to gnaw.
  • Freeze a banana in a mesh bag or freeze a bagel and let baby go to town on them.
  • If baby is not responding to cold items, use a room temperature teething ring or simply run your finger back and forth over baby’s gums. The pressure on his gums can help ease his teething pain. You can also try a topical ointment such as Orajel on baby’s gums or homeopathic teething tablets.
  • If all else fails and your baby is still super irritable, take him to the pediatrician to see if he can recommend an OTC painkiller or prescribe a medication to help soothe baby’s gums.

Cutting teeth

Baby’s first teeth will come in at a pattern. His first teeth will be the central incisors – the lower at around six to 10 months and the upper around eight to 10 months, then the lateral incisors – lower at 10 to 16 months and upper at nine to 13 months. The canines (cuspids) will follow with the lower coming in at 17 to 23 months and the upper between 16 and 22 months. The first molars can be expected to come through on the bottom between 14 to 18 months and the top between 13 to 19 months. Finally, the second molars will pop through on bottom around 23 to 31 months and on the top between 25 and 33 months of age.

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