Get A Grip On Pregnancy Nausea This Season

Morning sickness can really bring you down. But don’t let this ugly side effect of pregnancy ruin your holidays!

pregnant woman with morning sickness

Don’t over do it

While lots of holiday party invites will fill your inbox this season, don’t feel obligated to accept every single one. Limit yourself to attending just the most important parties of the season and take it easy on the nights when your calendar is clear.

Try natural remedies

Try sipping ginger tea or taking a supplement of 1000mg or less of ginger on a daily basis. Ask your doctor about taking vitamin B-6 supplements to ward off morning sickness, but don’t exceed more than 25 mg a day. And snack on bland, non-spicy, non-fried foods like dry toast and cereal.

Don’t stuff yourself

Its tempting to over-indulge at holiday gatherings, but eating too much won’t make dealing with morning sickness any easier. Eating smaller meals throughout the day and not eating and drinking together will help soothe morning sickness.

Come prepared

If you’re feeling a little queasy before a big holiday party, pack a little emergency bag in your purse including crackers with peanut butter, a doctor-approved OTC antacid like Tums and lollipops like Preggie Pops that are designed to stave off morning sickness.

Drink up

Don’t forget that dehydration can lead to nausea, so stay hydrated during your pregnancy and especially when you feel a bout of morning sickness coming on. A squeeze of citrus fruit like lemon, lime or orange can also help ease morning sickness.

Rest often

It’s no secret that a tired pregnant woman can easily become a cranky and uncomfortable pregnant woman. So get plenty of rest throughout your pregnancy but especially during the hectic holidays that can zap your energy. If you’re working full time, take time after work to rest or at least kick your feet up for a few minutes before dashing off to your holiday festivities.

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