Could Cell Phone Usage Harm Your Unborn Baby?

For most of us, our cell phones are never more than inches away from our ears or fingertips. But could cell phone usage be dangerous for pregnant women?

woman with cell phone

The findings

A recent study from Yale University says yes. More specifically, that using cell phones during pregnancy could lead to developmental problems in babies including brain developmental problems and possibly hyperactivity.

According to Fox News, another study using rats found that cell phone radiation led to smaller brains with more brain damage.

The restrictions

At this time, there are no restrictions or recommended limits for expectant mothers and cell phone usage, however, according to Fox, “The Federal Communications Commission says it plans to look further into cell phone exposure limits.”

Meanwhile, the Environmental Health Trust, an organization focused on reducing environmental risks, advises keeping the phone away from direct contact with your head by utilizing your phone’s speaker option or a headset.

What real moms think

Many mothers interviewed by the Fox team found the study believable but couldn’t imagine the reality of going nine months without using their cell phones.

Could you imagine living without your cell phone?

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