How To Keep It Under Wraps

You may have many reasons for waiting to announce your pregnancy, but it can be difficult to keep it on the down low when you’re feeling out of sorts and starting to show.

Tired pregnant woman

How can you hide a pregnancy you’re not prepared to yet share? You may be waiting to get over the first trimester hump, when miscarriage chances plummet, or there may be other reasons to keep the good news to yourself for a few months. While it’s an easy idea to come up with, it can be hard to implement if you turn green at the slightest smell or you can barely keep your eyes open.

Dress the part

Avoid figure-hugging clothes -- even if it takes months for your belly to pop, you might be bloated, which can make your friends and family members guess what’s really going on. Layers and looser clothing (of course, not maternity clothing) will help you feel more comfortable while reducing the chances that they will know what’s up.

Sleep a ton

Rest as much as you possibly can, while you can. Fatigue is a constant companion of many newly-pregnant moms so when you get a chance to go to bed early, do it. Eating or drinking vitamin C items can perk you up too -- if your tummy can handle it, try some orange juice before heading out.

Substitute or dump

If you enjoy drinking a cocktail on occasion, make it yourself -- the same drink without the alcohol will keep your friends in the dark a little longer. Another strategy is to take your drink (whatever you usually get) to the bathroom with you and dump it down the sink. Anyone observing you may think you’re a little strange, but your secret will be safe a little while longer.

Change the subject

Distraction and subject-changing are good strategies if anyone gets too close to the baby topic. Even a simple, “So, when will you be starting a family?” may send you into a panic, so have a few arranged responses to give out if the need arises.

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