I Don’T Have Time For A Cold!

Moms can’t call in sick when they get a cold. So how do you care for your baby when you are down for the count?

Sick mom

Minimize contact with baby

The last think you want to do is pass your illness onto your baby. So avoid over-cuddling (is there such a thing!?), sharing cups and kissing baby on the mouth and face while you are sick. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before holding, feeding and changing baby so as not to spread germs. If possible, delegate chores like changing and feeding baby to your husband or your older children.

Avoid Mommy and me classes

Mommy and me classes and other heavily kid-populated areas are not the best places to frequent you’re feverish. Avoid passing your germs onto little kids and picking up some new ones by steering clear of your kid-centric classes until you're well.

Take baby to a babysitter

Instead of keeping your baby cooped up in the house with you… and your germs, take him to a babysitter or drop-off day care for a few hours so you can rest and concentrate on getting yourself well so you can get back to taking care of baby.

Stay hydrated

When you get sick, the last thing you want to do is eat or drink, but it’s important to stay hydrated. Sip clear liquids like water and enjoy clear-broth soups.

Head to the doctor

As much as moms try to tough it out, we suggest you take one for the team and make a doctor’s appointment to get treatment for your sickness. If you’re contagious, you’ll want to get medicine right away so you can kick your sickness as soon as possible.

Relax and get some rest

Your immune system takes a beating when you are stressed and tired. New moms who sacrifice their sleep (and their sanity!) for the sake of a new baby may find themselves more susceptible to colds and flu this time of year. And that’s no fun. Try to get plenty of rest. Even if you’re not a napper, lay down when baby goes down for a nap to recharge your batteries. Just resting your body and your eyes can help you get through the rest of your day.

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